Customs Veterans and Officers Social Foundation transfers its customs representative service rights and obligations to specially established "S.V.T.S.-HOLDING" LLC.


"T.K. - HOLDING" CJSC, Moscow is a licensed customs representative founded by Customs Veterans & Officers Social Foundation.
In partnership with "AncorSnab" LLC, "T.K. - HOLDING" opens its branch in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in October 2011.

Customs services within Far East region

Customs services withing Far East


"AncorSnab" LLC renderes customs services within Far East region.

Customs broker

Partnership relations with customs representative "S.V.T.S.-ALLIANCE" LLC allow "AncorSnab" LLC to offer customs services either separately or in complex with other logistic services.
With the assistance of "S.V.T.S.-ALLIANCE" LLC branch in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk we offer full complex of services on customs clearance of import, export and transit cargoes.




  • Customs clearance of goods imported/exported by juridical and physical persons  
  • Identification and obtaining of permitting and other documents required for customs clearance
  • Calculation of customs payments and other fees required by customs regulation
  • Assistance in execution of external economic contracts, bank transaction passports and shipping documents.
  • Handling of internal customs transit procedure
  • Customs clearance of imported/exported sea products fished out  or produced  in exclusive economic zone or continental shelf of Russian Federation
  • Import  of the equipment as contribution to the share capital
  • Import of the equipment  under unique classification customs code TN VED of the Customs Union benefiting the minimal rate of customs import duty
  • Consulting and practical help in applying normative acts in customs area
  • Ship agent services and customsclearanceof sea vessels

Customs carrier

Customs carrier "AncorSnab" LLC performs carriage of goods which are under customs control without customs escort and securing of the payment of customs payments.

Carriage of goods which are under customs control to be performed under customer's request  and concluded agreement, the whole procedure takes one day or less.

Cost of the carriage of goods which are under customs control depends on type of goods, volume of goods and complex of rendered services. In case of complex servicing of freights on Sakhalin island (including customs clearace, temporary warehousing, delivery to final destination) "AncorSnab" LLC allows significant discount up to 30% for carriage of goods under customs control.

Temporary storage warehouse

"AncorSnab" LLC organize placing and storage of goods on temporary storage warehouse under customer's request including the following:

  • Registration of documents in Ports
  • Placing of goods on temporary storage warehouse 
  • Handling operations
  • Storage
  • Assortment, packing/repacking
  • Consolidation/deconsolidation
  • Return of empty containers to the Port

After customs clearance is completed goods will be immediately  moved to the territory of free storage at the same warehouse in order to reduce expenses for storage. Goods will be stored at free storage area until customer gives further instructions on delivery to the final destination place.