Customs Veterans and Officers Social Foundation transfers its customs representative service rights and obligations to specially established "S.V.T.S.-HOLDING" LLC.


"T.K. - HOLDING" CJSC, Moscow is a licensed customs representative founded by Customs Veterans & Officers Social Foundation.
In partnership with "AncorSnab" LLC, "T.K. - HOLDING" opens its branch in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in October 2011.


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AncorSnab LLC offers purchase and delivery services from USA to Sakhalin business   14.07.2011 20:37

"We have partnership relations with US trade and transportation companies that helps us to find and purchase different goods of any quantity from any place of USA," told general director of AncorSnab LLC Andrey Sobolev.

AncorSnab LLC offers different purchase schemes to physical entities and companies.

Under customer's request AncorSnab can purchase goods from required manufacturer according to agreed nomenclature and price or find and purchase goods of required characteristics and technical data. Therewith AncorSnab maintain all financial, documental, transport, customs and other procedures by its own means.

"At first sight its not very difficult to purchase and deliver goods from abroad, however, when you calculate expenses, conclude purchase agreement with foreign supplier/manufacturer, complete payment, transport and import documents its necessary to take into account  many important issues which are required to meet for successful result. Our company has enough experience  to  escape all hidden dangers on the way from manufacturer to final destination, so why we offer potential customers  to use our experience and save their time and money! " concluded Andrey Sobolev.