Customs Veterans and Officers Social Foundation transfers its customs representative service rights and obligations to specially established "S.V.T.S.-HOLDING" LLC.


"T.K. - HOLDING" CJSC, Moscow is a licensed customs representative founded by Customs Veterans & Officers Social Foundation.
In partnership with "AncorSnab" LLC, "T.K. - HOLDING" opens its branch in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in October 2011.



"AncorSnab" LLC offers complex procurement services to companies of different business areas.

Depending on customer's request: 

Upon your request we look for goods with required characteristics, technical data from Russian and foreign manufacturers and offer you options for consideration. After approval we purchase goods, maintain all financial, documental, transport, customs and other procedures by our own means.


Under your agreement with foreign partner and in accordance with a price and range agreed, on your behalf we receive goods from manufacturer/supplier and maintain all documental, transport, customs and other procedures by our own means.

You receive required goods in agreed time and place.

Purchasing procedure includes the following:

  • Contract conclusion with foreign manufacturer/supplier
  • Registration of transaction passport in bank
  • Payment for goods under foreign trade contract
  • Issue of transport and import documents
  • Export customs clearance
  • International freight
  • Import customs clearance and payment of customs duties
  • Cargo delivery to consignee within RF territory